PingFederate for SiteMinder

Few organizations have six to nine months to deploy secure Internet single sign-on with SiteMinder, and even fewer organizations can afford the implementation costs. Having already spent hundreds of thousands of dollars, and sometimes over a million, organizations are looking for an easier and less expensive way to provide federated identity management with SiteMinder. Organizations are turning to secure Internet single sign-on (SSO) to decrease the time and cost of providing direct access to SiteMinder protected resources and leveraging SiteMinder for identity federation with external service providers.


With PingFederate and PingFederate’s® CA SiteMinder Internet single sign-on (SSO) integration kit, organizations can easily leverage their SiteMinder (formerly Netegrity SiteMinder SSO) authentication capabilities, to provide internal users with direct access to external resources over the Internet. With the same integration kit, organizations can also provide external users, such as partners and suppliers, with secure Internet SSO to resources protected by SiteMinder.

The PingFederate SiteMinder integration kit can be rapidly installed and configured less than a day, giving internal users authenticated by SiteMinder and external users who need to direct access SiteMinder protected resources immediate Internet SSO capabilities. With a PingFederate’s standalone software, you can address all of your SiteMinder secure Internet SSO needs from a single system:

* As an identity provider (IdP) you can provide your users with SSO to external services over the Internet such as software as a service (SaaS) and business process outsourcing (BPO) where they are automatically authenticated by your SiteMinder server
* As a service provider you can provide your external partners and managed services Internet SSO to applications protected by SiteMinder
* You can provide internal SSO for the enterprise and its acquisitions, affiliates, subsidiaries and joint ventures regardless of the version of SiteMinder or identity and access management system (IdM) each organization has deployed.

PingFederate for SiteMinder allows your organization to:

* Decrease the cost and time of Internet SSO implementation by 90%
* Improve access by leveraging existing SiteMinder authentication
* Decrease security risks associated with SSO over the Internet
* Provide secure Internet SSO for all connections

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