Bird's eye view of OAM 11g Install process

Bird's eye view of OAM(Oracle Access Manager)  11g Install process

Configuration process requires 2 steps
1)Database schema configuration using Repository Creation Utility (RCU)
2)Product install , configuration and deployment using WebLogic Configuration Wizard

Database schema configuration
RCU allows customers to choose the product for which they want to create database schema and creates the schema after providing the database details

OAM Product install , configuration and deployment
OAM 11g installs using Oracle Universal Installer (OUI) , The installation process copies all the software bits to the host machine but. does not perform product configuration

OAM 11g is a J2EE application that deploys into a container ,The deployment and configuration is handled by WebLogic Configuration Wizard by using configuration templates provided by each product to configure the product .Finally, it deploys the product into a new or existing WLS domain.


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